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Error: Your account has exceeded the maximum number of registered devices.


You can register up to 6 approved unique devices for Quickflix streaming.

If you have attempted to register more than 6 devices, you will get the error "Your account has exceeded the maximum number of registered devices".

I've registered less than 6 devices, yet i'm still getting this error message

Some registry cleaners are notorious for deleting the Microsoft Silverlight file which means each time you use a web based device that requires Silverlight to stream, it will treat it as a new device. Please speak to the registry company and ask if there is a way to add an exception for Silverlight, or alternatively try disabling the registry cleaner.

I don't have a registry cleaner yet I'm still getting the error message

If by any chance, you have provided your Quickflix login details to somebody outside of your household, and they log in on a separate device, this will count toward the 6 devices able to be registered with Quickflix. We recommend that you do not give your details to anybody outside of your household, so that you can keep track of whom is using the streaming service.

What if none of the above helps?

Please submit a request through the Help Centre, or see if Online Chat is available.


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