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How do I know if my Samsung device has the latest Quickflix app?


All 2013-2015 Samsung smart TVs plus 2013-2014 Blu-ray players and home theatre systems have automatically been updated with the latest Quickflix streaming app.

If you can access My Library and watch HD movies and TV shows, you’ve got the latest app!

Here’s a list of all 2013-2015 models which have been automatically updated with the latest Quickflix app. You can find your model number at the back of the panel. 

  • PS51F5500AMXRD, PS51F8500AMXRD, PS60F5500AMXRD, PS60F8500AMXRD, PS64F8500AMXRD, UA32F4500AMXRD, UA32F5500AMXRD, UA40F5500AMXRD, UA40F6300AMXRD, UA40F6400AMXRD, UA46F5500AMXRD, UA46F6300AMXRD, UA46F6400AMXRD, UA50F5500AMXRD, UA50F6300AMXRD, UA50F6400AMXRD, UA50F6700AMXRD, UA55F6300AMXRD, UA55F6400AMXRD, UA55F6700AMXRD, UA55F7100AMXRD, UA55F7500BMXRD, UA55F8000AMXRD, UA55F8500AMXRD, UA55F9000AMXRD, UA60F6300AMXRD, UA60F6400AMXRD, UA60F7100AMXRD, UA60F8000AMXRD, UA65F6400AMXRD, UA65F8000AMXRD, UA65F9000AMXRD, UA75F6400AMXRD, UA75F8000AMXRD, PS64F5500AMXRD, UA65F6400AMXXY, UA32H4500ASXRD, UA32H5500ASXRD, UA40H5500ASXRD, UA40H6300ASXRD, UA40H6400ASXRD, UA48H5500ASXRD, UA48H6300ASXRD, UA48H6400ASXRD, UA48H6800ASXRD, UA50HU7000WXRD, UA55H6300ASXRD, UA55H6400ASXRD, UA55H6800ASXRD, UA55H7000AWXRD, UA55H8000AWXRD, UA55HU7000WXRD, UA55HU7200WXRD, UA55HU8500WXRD, UA55HU8700WXRD, UA55HU9000WXRD, UA60H6300ASXRD, UA60H6400ASXRD, UA60H7000AWXRD, UA65H6400ASXRD, UA65H8000AWXRD, UA65HU7200WXRD, UA65HU8500WXRD, UA65HU8700WXRD, UA65HU9000WXRD, UA75H6400ASXRD, UA78HU9000WXRD, UA85HU8500WXRD, UA40F6100AMXRD, UA46F6100AMXRD, UA50F6100AMXRD, UA55F6100AMXRD, UA60F6100AMXRD, UA32J5500ASXNZ, UA40JU6600SXNZ, UA40JU6400SXNZ, UA40J6200ASXNZ, UA40J5500ASXNZ, UA50JU7000SXNZ, UA48JU6600SXNZ, UA50JU6400SXNZ, UA48J6200ASXNZ, UA50J5500ASXNZ, UA55JS9000WXNZ, UA55JS8000WXNZ, UA55JU7500SXNZ, UA55JU7000SXNZ, UA55JU6600SXNZ, UA55JU6400SXNZ, UA55J6200ASXNZ, UA55J5500ASXNZ, UA60JU6400SXNZ, UA60J6200ASXNZ, UA65JS9500WXNZ, UA65JS9000WXNZ, UA65JS8000WXNZ, UA65JU7500SXNZ, UA65JU6600SXNZ, UA65JU6400SXNZ, UA78JS9500WXNZ, UA78JU7500SXNZ, and UA75JU6400SXNZ. 

If your device is not one of the above models, you can still get the older Quickflix streaming app if you have a device registered since 2010 that features the Samsung SmartHub. 

On some devices, you will be able to see the Quickflix app on the Smart Hub home screen. If you cannot see the Quickflix app on your device, search for Quickflix from within the Smart Hub (by name, in the Most Popular section or in the Video Category) and download the Quickflix app.

Once you've launched Quickflix, sign in using your normal username and password. Your device will automatically be registered to your Quickflix account when you stream your first movie or TV show.

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