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Is Quickflix available on my LG Smart TV?


Quickflix is available on all LG TV's from 2011 to current models.

2015 LG TV Models are: 

  • 65EF980T, 77EG970T, 65EG960T, 55EG960T, 55EC930T, 79UF950T, 65UF950T, 55UF950T, 79UG880T, 65UG870T, 55UG870T, 65UF850T, 60UF850T, 55UF850T, 49UF850T, 79UF770T, 70UF770T, 65UF770T, 60UF770T, 55UF770T, 49UF770T, 43UF770T, 49UF690T, 43UF690T, 65UF680T, 55UF680T, 49UF680T, 43UF680T, 65LF6300, 60LF6300, 55LF6300, 49LF6300, 40LF6300, 32LF6300, 49LF5500, 42LF5500, 49LF5400, 43LF5400, and 32LF550B.

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