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Why can't I connect to Viera Cast?


In most circumstances, a failure to connect to Viera Cast is accompanied by the error code '008'.
  1. Enter the Network Setup option on your TV and run the Connection Test. With the error code '008', it should fail at the last point.
  2. Once the test has finished, press the 'Return' button and then navigate to the IP/DNS settings and press 'OK'. 
  3. Ensure that both the IP and DNS settings are set to Auto. If one of them says Manuel you will need to change it to Auto.
  4. Press 'Return' and wait for the television to go back to the Network screen and then re-run the Connection Test to see if it passes.
  5. If the test is successful you will be able to connect to Viera Cast correctly. If it is unsuccessful then your modem/router is potentially blocking the television.

If Viera Cast still will not connect please check the following settings on your modem/router.

  • Make sure DHCP and UPnP are turned on.
  • If you have MAC filtering turned on, you will have to enter the MAC address of the television on to your modem/router. This can be found at the bottom of your network settings on your television.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider or the manufacturer or your modem/router.

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