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Register and Deregister a Device


If you have a Quickflix Streaming subscription you can stream movies & TV Shows on up to 6 different devices (PCs, Macs, Connected TVs, Tablet & Mobile devices) and on up to 3 devices simultaneously. 

Each new device will automatically be registered to your Quickflix account when you first stream a movie or TV show from it. If you have reached your limit of 6 unique devices, you will need to deregister an existing device before you can register another device. 

To manage your devices, once signed in to your Quickflix account, go to Account & Settings by clicking your member menu icon at the top right of screen. Click on My Devices.

Click on "Deregister" to remove a device.

A unique device may be registered and deregistered at will. If a device has been registered to two different Quickflix accounts within the previous 12 months, it cannot be registered to another account. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

For Sony Bravia devices you will also need to de-register your device with Sony on the Sony website:

Please note that deregistering a device does not cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription, please go to your online Account & Settings.

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